Feature Film


Written and directed by Lindsey Copeland (IMDb)

Hedgehog premiered at Sunshine Theatre in New York City


Written & Directed by Lindsey Copeland (IMDb

Five college friends reunite for a concert in Boston. When one of them loses the tickets the group must take on the task of retracing her steps to find the missing tickets, encountering a series of characters along the way.

GIRLS NIGHT premiered at the Big Apple Film Festival in November 2014 and also screened at the New Filmmakers Film Festival in January 2015.

GIRLS NIGHT has been selected for the Richmond International Film Festival and the Gasparilla International Film Festival.

Trailer for the film "GIRLS NIGHT" Starring: Kristen Brancaccio, Jennifer Ferguson, Ashley Lawwill, Rachel Neiheisel and Jessica Renee Russell Directed by: Lindsey Copeland Music: What If- The Field Effect, Ogunquit, ME- The Field Effect, Austin, Massachusetts- Lannen www.girlsnightfilm.com